Get Your Camp Noticed with Facebook Advertising and Facebook Live

Tips for Facebook Live and Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most effective marketing tool on the web. If you’re not using it, you’re not getting the engagement you should be. And if you’re not using it effectively, you’re wasting valuable time and resources–and possibly losing customers.

We’ve pulled together a few updated tips on using Facebook Advertising and Facebook Live, based on recent changes. Here’s how to harness the power of this platform to get your camp in front of your customers with ease.

Targeted Ads Based on RSVPs

Facebook Events has always been a great way to inform your Facebook audience about upcoming events at your camp. Now you can target advertising based on how users responded to past events. For instance, if you had a sports camp event last month, you can target users who selected “interested” as their RSVP with advertising and messaging for your next event to help drive them into the “going” category. Learn how here.

Use the Data

One of the biggest benefits of Facebook has always been the data it collects and makes available to you in order to make your ads more meaningful. The platform is rolling out new metrics all the time to help you see exactly how your ads are performing–and you should be taking advantage of them. For example, use the landing page metric to better optimize your ads for mobile. You can also use new information on where your followers come from, who has seen your Facebook page as a preview and whether or not your page has been recommended on Facebook. Learn how here.

Try a Podcast

If you’ve studied Facebook as a marketing tool, you already know Facebook Live is the number one way to interact with your followers. If you’ve been holding off on using this feature because you’re camera-shy, we have good news: Now you can host an audio-only Facebook Live broadcast. Using the new audio-only feature, you’ll no longer have to worry about backdrops, lighting or camera steadiness, and you’ll also have the option of choosing which photo your followers see during the podcast.  Learn how here.

Target Facebook Live Broadcasts

Lastly, thanks to a new feature that’s in test phases right now, you will soon be able to make lists of who sees your Facebook Live broadcasts. This is extremely helpful for deciding just what to feature when you go live, based on your ideal audience. You can also choose whether your broadcast appears as a post on your page feed or in your Facebook Story, or both. The new feature also allows you to go live straight from your camera, rather than having to start a new post in your newsfeed.

Taking the time to use Facebook to your full advantage is worthwhile to increase your reach and engage with your existing followers.

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