How Social Media Influencers Can Give Your Program a Boost

Social Media Influencers

You’ve probably heard the term “social media influencer” thrown around in reference to digital marketing, but what does it mean? And how can these sought-after individuals help your camp or after-school program?

For starters, a social media influencer is a person with a broad or otherwise advantageous reach on social media. They often have a lot of followers on one or more platforms. Even in cases of fewer followers, however, savvy social media users with audiences who trust their recommendations can be influencers, too. When these folks are on board with what your camp or class is doing, their posts can provide valuable promotion.

A few social media influencers you may already know include:

  • The neighborhood mom with a popular parenting blog
  • The tween in your after-school program who can’t do anything without posting it to Snapchat
  • A popular camp counselor who documents everything on Instagram

Consider the fact that four out of five parents will recommend a program their child enjoyed, and 90% of customers read online reviews before deciding what program to use. Word of mouth advertising is more effective than almost any other type, so enlist the help of these influencers to set your program apart.

High-Quality Communication

It all starts with good communication, which means posting quality content and posting it often. This gives influencers a reason to follow you and share your social media posts with their own networks.

What are some examples of great content?

  • Kickstart the season with a contest. Ask parents to share a registration link for an entry into a raffle for a prize.
  • Facebook Live is a great place to showcase your programs. Use it to highlight classes or sports competitions.
  • Create “shareable” moments within your programs. When a team reaches a milestone or a student wins an award, it’s an opportunity to celebrate–and share.
  • Roll out the red carpet on Parents’ Day and give “celebrity” moms and dads unique, post-worthy photos from the event.
  • Twitter polls are an easy way to interact with your audience. Ask questions such as, “Which class would you be most likely to register for next year?”

And don’t worry about oversharing. With seven out of 10 parents saying they’d like to receive program updates, social media is a non-invasive way to get the word out without sending too many emails.

Safety & Best Practices

As part of your efforts, it’s a great idea to host a Social Media Day to teach students about basic online safety and using social media responsibly. Invite parents to attend or provide materials that students can share at home. To learn more about Internet Safety for Camps and Classes click here.

Also, always make sure you get parental approval to post and share photos or videos of children under 18. Don’t assume parents will be OK with it as a line item in your registration contract–provide a separate form that each parent must sign. Then, alert them via text or email if you are planning to post a picture or video of their child.

Easy Social Sharing

ACTIVE Camp & Class Manager has social sharing features that make it easy for you to keep parents informed. It’s also easy for parents to spread the word themselves. In fact, the integrated social media feature allows parents to share the moment they register their child for a session.

To make sure your social media networks are ever-present and easy to find, post links on all your websites and include information on your collateral. With social media influencers on your side, you’ll have a free source of word-of-mouth marketing that’s more effective than most advertising campaigns.