Pre-Summer Communication for Camp Directors: Share the Benefits of Camp

Share the Benefits of Summer Camp with Parents

Parents who grew up going to camp every summer are likely aware of the benefits those experiences provided. But what if they didn’t?

The pre-summer weeks are a great time to emphasize the positive effect your camp can have on kids’ minds and physical health. Plus, a well-timed email can spur a decision if parents or kids are still on the fence, filling last-minute vacancies in your sessions.

The following benefits are perfect for sharing through your website or social media channels as you gear up for the busy season to come.

Physical & Mental Activity

Summer break can negatively affect children in two major ways. Not only are kids in danger of falling behind academically, but studies have shown that they are more prone to weight-gain on this long hiatus from school. Camp means more time running, playing and thinking–and less time on the couch or in front of a screen.

Social Skills

Summer camp can also help kids make new friends. Whether a child is meeting new neighbors at a local day camp or learning to cohabitate with bunkmates from across the country at overnight camp, these experiences can introduce them to a more diverse peer group than they may interact with on a regular basis.

Structured Schedules

If a child spends all summer watching television or just “hanging out,” returning to the daily routine of the classroom can be a tough adjustment in the fall. Even if your camp doesn’t last the majority of the summer, incorporating the element of a regular routine over the break can help ease the transition into the new school year.


From sports camps and outdoor camps to programs with a little bit of everything, each camp gives a child the opportunity to have unique new experiences. They’ll meet new people, try new things and learn new skills–and all that “new” will add up to growth that can give kids the confidence to handle challenges at school and later in life.

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