7 Management Time-Savers for Summer Camp Directors

Time Management for Summer Camp Counselors and Directors

You’re in the midst of your camp’s busiest season, staring down a long laundry list of things to do each day. Campers to check in, programming to oversee and staff to manage are just the tip of the iceberg. Any opportunity to streamline and save precious minutes is welcome this time of year. Read on for a few camp director tips and tricks to save camp directors time and energy to boot!

1. Invest in People.

Careful attention to your staff provides a huge ROI. Not only do great team members take many tasks off your plate, but campers and parents alike will remember the people that made their experience special. Devote a little extra time to staff communication on busy days to discuss questions, challenges and suggestions. Your investment will pay off in less time needed for meetings and crisis management and greater word-of-mouth dividends from participants.

2. Play Up Strengths.

Also on the subject of your team, know everyone’s individual strengths. Perhaps one counselor is especially social media-savvy while another has a knack for designing the coolest crafts.  Divide and conquer with an all-hands-on-deck approach, noting where time can be saved by assigning tasks to those who can execute them both quickly and successfully.

3. Put Your Website to Work.

Online registration, document and waiver tracking, automatic waitlisting and more can make your website your greatest time-saver. A management solution, such as ACTIVE Works® Camp & Class Manager, streamlines the process. Make sure to remind parents and guardians where to find this information through all of your communications channels.

4. Answer FAQs Online.

Your website is also a great place to list and answer frequently asked questions, greatly reducing the need for phone calls and emails from parents. Compile questions with the help of staffers, based on previous summers’ experience, then place the link front, center and easy-to-find on your mobile-friendly site.

5. Make Your Emails Work Harder, Too.

Still getting emails with common questions? Time-crunched camp directors can benefit by pre-writing emails to have them handy for stress-filled, busy days. Scan through our handbook of Camp Email Templates to customize and compile your own arsenal of quick and easy email starters for just about every topic you need.

6. Use the Tools You Have to the Max.

A program management solution, such as ACTIVE Works® Camp & Class Manager, can help you easily manage your summer camp, saving you time, energy and frustration. Click here to learn more about online camp registration software features, from attendance tracking to secure payment processing, reporting, marketing and more.

7. Old Wisdom Rings True.

As the saying goes, work smarter not harder. You don’t need to implement every idea, use all the tools or be on every social media platform out there. Be selective and use what works well for your camp, your staff and your target audience.


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