The Ultimate Social Media Plan for Camps & Classes

Build a social media strategy for your camp or afterschool program

Here on the Let’s Talk Camp blog, we’ve explored the benefits of live video and podcasts, as well as connecting with Generation Z. We’ve also provided tips for identifying and utilizing social influencers and creating timely communications to share with current and potential participants. Each of these smart strategies can help grow your camp, class or after-school program, and they’re all powered, in large part, by social media. 

Social media is one of the most valuable tools you can use for your business, but it’s also complex and often misunderstood. An effective social media strategy involves multiple platforms, each with individualized best practices and targeted strategies. So, just like any other important tool–your computer, your phone system–a set of instructions can be a big help, indeed.

Build a Custom Social Media Plan For Your Program

social media strategy for camps and afterschool programsOur Social Media Playbook for Camps & Classes is your instruction manual for social media. This comprehensive guide walks you through every step of creating a social media marketing plan, from choosing the best platforms to creating effective content to tracking progress toward your goals. Plus, it’s filled with tips and tricks for building your audience and driving engagement all year long.

Click here to download our free Social Media Playbook and put social media to work for your camp, class or after-school program today!

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