Staff Development Opportunities for Camp and After School

Staff Development Opportunities for Camp and Afterschool

Camp is a state of mind — one that requires a constant commitment to both innovation and excellence. And that commitment doesn’t simply conclude at the evening’s end during the school year or when the last of the summer campers pack up and are picked up by their parents.

Months of careful planning contribute to the success of each camp cycle. Like a successful theater production, a winning camp requires a complete cast onstage plus many hands working behind the scenes.  Continue reading

Using Facebook Groups to Engage Parents

Using Facebook Groups to Engage Parents

Part of the beauty of camps and after-school classes is the freedom they provide — a chance for kids to learn and cultivate activities in their own space (and maybe the same goes for parents).

Still, it’s important for parents to stay engaged in the programs their kiddos are involved in, and Facebook groups are a trending way to do just that. By joining a Facebook group, you’re joining an active community of program coordinators and other parents who are facilitating a conversation about news, updates, and ongoings in the organization that matters to you.  Continue reading

Summer Camp Review: Analyze and Adapt

Summer Camp Review: Analyze and Adapt

With summertime programs wrapping up, it’s time to comb through the data to determine what worked and what didn’t. Analyzing how your programs performed will help you plan for next year and give you a leg up on your competition. Try these tips for conducting a thorough summer camp review to help put yourself in the best position for next summer. Continue reading

Fresh Fundraising Ideas for Afterschool Programs

Fundraising for afterschool ideas

Public funding for afterschool programs is at historic lows 1,with just 47% of K-12 spending nationally comes from state funding. While Congress recently approved $1.2B in funding for this fiscal year— an increase that will help schools provide homework assistance, meals and enrichment activities across the country – afterschool programs continue to be wary about their funding in the future.  Continue reading

From Art Class to Art Show: An ACTIVE Employee Profile

From Art Class to Art Show: An ACTIVE Employee Profile

At ACTIVE Network, our mission is to make the world a more active place, and one of the many ways we do that is by encouraging our own employees to get active. Be it through endurance races, continuing education or even recreational sports leagues, we are proud to support employees in any endeavor that gets them participating and involved with their local communities. Sara Rathbun, a digital marketing specialist at ACTIVE Network, has not only been developing a new skill by attending an art class but has also participated in a local art show in Dallas. We sat down with Rathbun to hear first-hand about her experience. Continue reading

The Ultimate Social Media Plan for Camps & Classes

Build a social media strategy for your camp or afterschool program

Here on the Let’s Talk Camp blog, we’ve explored the benefits of live video and podcasts, as well as connecting with Generation Z. We’ve also provided tips for identifying and utilizing social influencers and creating timely communications to share with current and potential participants. Each of these smart strategies can help grow your camp, class or after-school program, and they’re all powered, in large part, by social media.  Continue reading

7 Management Time-Savers for Summer Camp Directors

Time Management for Summer Camp Counselors and Directors

You’re in the midst of your camp’s busiest season, staring down a long laundry list of things to do each day. Campers to check in, programming to oversee and staff to manage are just the tip of the iceberg. Any opportunity to streamline and save precious minutes is welcome this time of year. Read on for a few camp director tips and tricks to save camp directors time and energy to boot! Continue reading

Packing for Summer Camp: Don’t Let Campers Forget These Essential Items

Share this packing list with parents so your camps don't forget anything they'll need for camp!

Kids arrive at camp all smiles and excitement, their bags packed neatly with clothes, swimsuits, shoes, socks and toothbrushes. Throughout the session, however, a few “uh, oh” moments may spoil the fun. Now is the time to remind your participants about a few frequently forgotten summer camp essentials to add to their packing lists. Check out our handy list below, and you may even choose to share it via email or social media. Parents will thank you, and the kids will, too! Continue reading

How to Identify the Warning Signs of Bullying

warning signs of bullying

Bullying is no longer an issue in the shadows, discussed only in whispers and often dismissed as minor child’s play. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, one in every five students reported being bullied in 2016. Whether bullying occurs in-person or online, victims across all demographics can be targeted in wide-ranging, and often extremely cruel, ways. Continue reading