From a Camp Mom: “ACTIVEkids is ridiculously easy!”

tennis 1You know how it is.

We all hear a lot of hype about new products, but many of us have learned to keep our expectations “realistic.”

Naturally, here at ACTIVE we’ve been excited about, our new online marketplace for parents, but I wanted to share the first-time ACTIVEkids experience of a friend of mine. We’ll call her Kaitlyn.

(In case you’re new here, ACTIVEkids is, briefly, a one-stop destination of kid-focused activities, searchable by a number of criteria parents choose. It’s a free service we offer our customers.) Continue reading

Leverage Spring Break Memories to Market Summer Camp Activities


By the time Spring Break rolls around in March or April, families are weary of winter, school projects, and schedule-juggling. Sunshine and free time beckon like light at the end of a long dark tunnel. The end of drudgery is near!

By the end of Spring Break, however, many parents are singing that familiar, end of summer tune: “Only ___ more days til they go back to school.”

For any youth activity organizer, Spring Break can serve as a fresh reminder of not only Summer’s awesomeness, but also Summer’s challenges. Continue reading

ACTIVEkids: How to Raise Your Brand Awareness (and more) Without Lifting a Finger

compressed ACTIVEkids gecko
Everyone loves a “Win-Win,” getting something for nothing, and seeing an increase without additional effort. That’s why we’re super excited about yesterday’s launch of, the all-in-one place where parents can discover and register their children for activities.

We’re excited because it’s going to give camp directors like you something very valuable. For free, no strings attached. And we’re excited because nothing like this has ever existed! Continue reading