A Shout Out to the Classy Folks: School Directors

Teachers and Directors, we think you have class! What you do day-in-and-day-out deserves celebration.

Besides creating great class management solutions to help you operate and grow your business, we also wanted to help you reframe–for just a moment–the humorous side of your calling with a few teacher memes.

So old-school, it’s coming back.

Meme.Will Farrell outside

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Class Software Connects Kids to the FUN!

Camp director on tablet

Office work is NOT why you got into the business of kids. Staffers and directors are usually at their best when working with young people and channeling their creativity.

In these busy weeks leading up to summer, don’t get beleaguered by the business side. Take a quick look at these 4 short videos (less than 2 minutes each) to reframe the challenges and consider solutions for getting more kids into your program.

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3 Reasons to Take a Camp & Class Software Tour

Every so often, we like to have an Open House!

Unfortunately, there won’t be coffee and cookies unless you bring them yourself, but that shouldn’t be too hard, because you can attend this Open House at your own house or office.

CCM demo header

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