ACTIVE Network and JumpForward Take University Athletics to the Next Level

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We have exciting news!

As of today, ACTIVE Network has acquired JumpForward, the market leader in NCAA recruiting, compliance and business office management.

We’ve been following JumpForward’s success for some time now, so naturally we’re enthusiastic about what the future holds for our valued university and collegiate customers. The addition of JumpForward’s offerings to the ACTIVE product portfolio will surely give customers a competitive edge.

If you’re a coach, a compliance department or an athletic director, JumpForward will be invaluable to your: Continue reading

University Camp Challenge #1: Compliance


[If you’re just joining us, please visit our introduction to the ACTIVE C.A.M.P. University Camp series.]

Compliance is one of the top concerns for camp directors. Recruitment of student athletes must meet specific standards in order to comply with NCAA regulations and maintain both the athletes’ eligibility and the university’s reputation.

That puts a lot of pressure on camp directors who really just want to teach kids how to play the game. A study of NCAA violations in the news reveals that many compliance issues are unintentional and may not even involve actual wrongdoing. In some cases, universities and camp programs are incurring penalties simply for failing to have the right safeguards in place. Continue reading