This is How Your Technology Creates Magic For Parents

Parents are stressed. If there’s one thing they crave, it’s simplicity. For things to work as they should. For the technical details of child-rearing to be easier so they can focus on the weightier matters.

Tim Hudson, founder of SixBySix Performance Lacrosse Courses in England, knows this. And he weaves that understanding into his mission and operational strategy. Continue reading

4 Tips for Helping Parents Survive Your No-Cellphone Policy

If Momma ain't happy... (1)

As cell phone use among kids increases, so does the frequency of parent-child contact. Psychologist Dr. Steven Sussman has even referred to the cell phone as “the world’s longest umbilical cord.”[1]

So what happens when kids go to a sleep-away program that prohibits devices and personal cell phone use? Can parents embrace their child’s hiatus from technology,
even when it means a hiatus from them? Continue reading