The 2 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Participants’ Parents

Who are your best customers – the ones who love your camp or class in the most tangible ways? They recruit their friends. They sign up during Early Bird registration. They read and respond to your emails.

How would you like to bottle some of that customer love? To know exactly what you’re doing right for those people, so you can keep pleasing them and multiplying their influence to the benefit of your program? Continue reading

Now That Your Session is Over, Customer Feedback is Your Top Priority

Don't waste-your time on customer feedback blog image

If you direct a summer program, the start of school marks a new season of to-dos. Hopefully, you have time to breathe, plan and strategize again ­– to find those notes you may have scratched out over the summer to remind you of all the things that would have to wait until you finished your season.

What’s at the top of your list? Continue reading