What is a Twitter #hashtag?

Twitter is a great resource for Camps that are trying to increase exposure and build brand awareness.  Companies as large as American Express, Lexus and Ritz Carlton have all found success in creating conversations on Twitter by using #hashtags. 

What is a hashtag? The # or hashtag prior to a subject matter (example #summercamp) allows for quick categorization of your message’s content.  This assists when people are searching for certain subject matter or want to join the conversation.

Try searching a few camp specific hashtags from Twitters home page, a few we have found are #summercamp, #jewishcamp, #ilovecamp and #bestsummerever. 

Let us know how you are using Twitter to help with your camp.

People are talking about your camp!

More and more people are using Twitter to start and join conversations about subjects that matter to them.  They share stories, ask questions or just say whats on their mind and they could be talking about your camp or whats important to your camp.

Twitter has a basic search function that allows for you to search out subject matter or #tags but did you know that their is an entire search engine built to search tweets?

Twitter Search is a search engine built specifically for Twitter. Advanced search options allow you to search words, people, dates and even attitudes or if someone is asking a question.  You can even narrow your search to within 15 mile of a city or location.

Try it out, search for people talking about your camp or maybe summer camp in general. Look for questions about camp, join the conversation and let the network effect start to work for you!