University Camp Challenge #4 – Potential Risks

sports injury.compressed[If you’re just joining us, please visit our introduction to the ACTIVE C.A.M.P. Initiative series and Challenge #1: Compliance, Challenge #2: Accounting & Finance, and Challenge #3: Marketing & Branding.]

The moment a child walks onto your campus and says goodbye to mom and dad, you are given a supreme responsibility – the well-being of each and every camper in your program. You’ll protect them at all costs, but you know that even when you do everything right, sometimes, things can go wrong.

Ankles sprain. Kids fall. Teenagers break rules. And it’s those moments – the moments you can’t predict – that you need to be the most prepared for. That’s why the “P” in the ACTIVE C.A.M.P. Initiative is Potential Risk. Continue reading

Creating an Elite University Camp Program

Across the country, kids are pouring outside and onto the fields decked out in their official summertime uniform of t-shirts and shorts, swimsuits and tennis shoes, helmets and pads.

They’ve got clubs. They’ve got cleats. They’ve been waiting for this all year – sports camp at your university.

They’re ready. Are you ready for them?

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