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With over a decade working with thousands of camps, we’ve learned a few things along the way. Sharing that knowledge with you is one of the best ways we can think of to grow the industry, so check out the free resources below.


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Video: Is Your Camp Registration Process a Blast From the Past?
Watch the video to see how simple modernizing your registration process can be.
31 Camp Email Templates
31 Camp Email Templates
Never wonder how you should format an email to your camp parents with these 31 camp email templates.
9 ways appeal diversity
2017 Diversity Program and Parent Survey
Data to help you expand beyond your traditional audiences


Browse our library of webinars to deepen your knowledge on a variety of camp topics—from marketing to technology to business strategy.

Attendance Tracking ipad
Attendance Tracking
Find out how Camp & Class Manager’s Attendance Tracking can help you electronically track participants’ presence and evaluate program effectiveness.
Reporting Tools for Camps & Classes
Find out how Camp & Class Manager’s reporting tools can help you better understand your camp’s strengths and opportunities to drive meaningful action.
Supplemental Registration Forms
Add supplemental forms to your class or camp’s registration flow with Camp & Class Manager’s supplemental forms.

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