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Supplemental Registration Forms
Add supplemental forms to your class or camp’s registration flow with Camp & Class Manager’s supplemental forms.
Reporting Tools for Camps & Classes
Find out how Camp & Class Manager’s reporting tools can help you better understand your camp’s strengths and opportunities to drive meaningful action.
Branded Merchandise Sales for Camps
Find out how Camp & Class Manager’s merchandise sales integration can help you increase revenue during registration.
4 Great Marketing Tips in 15 Minutes
Get started on a strategy for ramping up your online presence with a quick overview of today’s top 4 marketing methods.
Reach Your #1 Buyer Now: Mobile, Millennial Mom
Reach Your #1 Buyer Now: Mobile, Millennial Mom
How To Turn Web Visitors into Camp Customers
Turn your web visitors into camp participants and customers with the right strategy for your site. Watch this webinar from ACTIVE Camps for more information.
Lifecycle Series Part 5: Seek Solutions with Surveys in 15 minutes
Surveys are one of the best ways to validate participants’ experiences. Learn the benefits of a well-done survey and the most important question to ask.
Lifecycle Series Part 2: Create Your Value Wedge in 15 Minutes
After customers discover your program, their next step is engaging with you. Your value wedge sets you apart; learn how to create one to encourage connection.
Lifecycle Series Part 4: Elevate Your Email Expertise in 15 minutes
Even after participants are immersed in your program, email is an important way to begin moving them toward a positive feeling and a decision to return.
Lifecycle Series Part 3: Get Skilled in Social Media in 15 Minutes
After participants register for your program, building anticipation will increase their enjoyment and loyalty. Social media is the ideal place for that.
Lifecycle Series Part I: Get SEO Savvy in 15 Minutes
The first step in gaining a new customer is getting discovered by them. Learn the basics of optimizing your online marketing strategy.