Reach Your #1 Buyer Now: Mobile, Millennial Mom


If you're marketing any product or service aimed at kids, moms are your primary target audience. In this recording from our webinar, Reach Your #1 Buyer Now: Mobile, Millennial Mom, we share what you need to know about these discerning consumers and how you can effectively market your programs to them. So, check out the recording and learn how you can attract more moms to register for your programs.

"Moms buy everywhere for everybody. Keeping up with today’s moms is critical to building and maintaining market share in virtually every industry and product category." - Liz Fongemie, Director of M2Mom

Also included is an introduction to, a new website built for programs like yours and designed for parents. ACTIVEkids is a new way for your organization to promote camps, classes and activities. If you would like more information on ACTIVEkids or Camp & Class Manager, complete the form and an ACTIVE Network Specialist will contact you shortly.

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