Customer Feedback Permits Guess-Free Decisions

Managing the Camp Customer Feedback Loop: Step 4

Step 4 Baseball image

The final segment of our customer experience management series is not the end for you. Because this is a loop, it’s also the beginning of another round of engagement with customers. To maximize your ability to execute with data-driven decisions—not guesses—you’ll learn:

  • The importance of keeping data clean
  • The importance of time in coming to trustworthy conclusions
  • How to master 3D metrics:
    • a. Reactive: What happened?
    • b. Proactive: What’s hiding in the numbers? What’s hiding outside the numbers?
    • c. Strategic: Where do I want to drive my camp business?
  • How to use your new insights to maximize your camp marketing

If your camp management software can’t keep up with your data goals, maybe it’s time to find out how ACTIVE technology supports data-driven decision-making.

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