How to Align Your Goals with Your Customer Feedback Strategy

Managing the Camp Customer Feedback Loop: Steps 1-4

Kids Summer Camps Goal Setting

Camp customer feedback is a valuable tool for increasing engagement and growing your camp. This Goal-setting worksheet will help you make sure you know what you’re trying to learn in your customer experience management efforts. The free download includes:

  • What SMART goals are and why they’re important to your camp
  • A worksheet to walk you through creating your own camp SMART goals
  • How to stay on-track with your goals

The worksheet is valuable for any area of goal-setting, not simply the Camp Customer Feedback series.

Submit the form to download your Goal-Setting Worksheet. An ACTIVE Specialist will be in touch soon to share how our new Launch Consultant program can help you with your camp marketing and other camp management software needs.

You can find the remainder of the series here:

  • Step 1 - Engage Participants
  • Step 2 – Engage Participants
  • Step 3 – Evaluate Results
  • Step 4 – Execute on Data-Driven Decisions