Facebook for Camps

Download the Social Media Cheat Sheet

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No time for Facebook? University camps coaches are busy people who are usually more comfortable spending their time on kids and sports than on social media.

Yet, social media platforms like Facebook are not only an inexpensive camp marketing tool, they’re becoming a primary center for customer service for many organizations. Facebook is like a mini-website that can drive people to full camp websites, where conversion can take place. In short, you need a Facebook presence.

If you’re not sure where to start, or need help prioritizing basics, this Facebook for Camps cheat sheet, makes it easier to leverage Facebook's camp marketing potential. It shows you steps you can take (what to say and when) to leverage this powerful tool where your target audience (moms) spends time:

  • Before Camp- Get people excited to increase registrations
  • During camp- Engage parents and show non-returners what they are missing
  • After Camp- Continue the conversation that was started at camp and measure engagement

Camp management software can easily incorporate social media into your marketing strategy. Fill out the form to learn more.