Holiday Email Templates

Holiday Email Templates

Holiday Marketing for Gifting Camp Experiences

Are you making the most of holiday spending? Encourage your customers to give the gift of experience by marketing your programs during the holidays! Ramping up a holiday marketing campaign doesn’t have to be challenging. After all, you already have more than enough to think about during the holidays.

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and written 8 holiday email templates that you can start using right away. Simply adjust the template copy as applicable, create your email list and schedule your emails. When the holiday rush hits, you’ll have one thing already checked off your list!

Email templates inside:

  • 2 "Give Thanks" - Thanksgiving Email Templates
  • 2 Holiday Promo Email Templates
  • 1 Returning Customer Holiday Promo Email Template
  • 2 Last Chance Email Templates
  • 1 Winter Program Promo Template