ACTIVE C.A.M.P. Initiative

Excellence Through Unification

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From our experience with university camps, we’ve seen that directors are busy focusing on more visible athletic department concerns while the camp registration software your individual camp coaches are using escapes notice. Yet, the consequences for one audit, one out-of-compliance coach, or one data breach could cost you millions and tarnish your hard-earned reputation.

The ACTIVE C.A.M.P. Initiative is our solution to that problem. We believe that unifying camps under one online registration software system provides oversight and insight—while maintaining individual coach management—that can mitigate the four primary concerns of individual camps.

University camp software can mitigate the risks associated with decentralized camp databases in these four areas:

  • Compliance- Proactively address potential compliance issues before-the-fact
  • Accounting & Finance- Set and document standards and procedures
  • Marketing & Brand- Maximize revenue with current camp marketing best practices
  • Potential Risks- Be prepared for the risks involved with university camps

Download the ACTIVE C.A.M.P. Initiative brochure to learn practical ways ACTIVE Network camp management software can address these concerns.