Camp Accounting Best-Practices Checklist

Avoid Errors and Fraud at Your University Camps


The details of the many camps connected to a university are usually far removed from the oversight of the Athletic Director. Finances are filtered through different camp management software systems, or worse, no system at all.

The typical finance structure of university camps (where thousands of paper registrations and checks arrive over many months’ time and are handled by multiple individuals with no real accountability) puts universities at risk.

The potential for error and fraud are too great to do nothing. Download the checklist to learn valuable guidelines for handling funds and avoiding fraud and error through:

  • Education, training and clearly communicated fraud policies for employees
  • Assessment of internal controls and accountability
  • Unification of camps under one camp database for visibility and accountability while maintaining coach oversight of the individual programs

Camp management software with built-in internal controls, credit card compliance protocols in place, and online camp registration to eliminate the majority of cash and check payments, immediately removes most of your risk. This valuable checklist can help mitigate the rest.

Fill out the form to download the Best Practice checklist and learn how camp accounting can be easier, safer, and more accurate.