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  • Participant-level Tracking
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Attendance Tracking Software

From camper security to measuring session effectiveness, ACTIVE’s online attendance tracking provides your staff the tools to record and manage camper presence – even from a mobile device. Attendance tools in Camp & Class Manager take care of the admin work, so you can focus on your passion.

Paperless, Easy-to-Use Tracking Tools

Easily Accessible

Make it easy for counselors to take attendance! Navigate quickly between seasons and sessions with mobile, tablet and desktop views.

Attendance Calendar

Camp & Class Manager’s attendance calendar allows you to see what days you’ve tracked attendance for, and which days are still outstanding.

Mobile Attendance Tools

With a direct URL link, staff can access attendance tracking tools straight from a mobile device and update a camper’s presence from anywhere.

Session-Level Insights

Access the attendance data you need in order to improve and measure session effectiveness.

  • Have multiple days in a session? No problem! Camp & Class Manager allows you to track each day individually at the session level.
  • Customize which columns you’d like displayed in your session reports so that you and your staff can access the information you need.
  • Narrow and isolate your session attendance report by date range.

Camper-Level Insights

Empower counselors to easily track and update actions at a participant level.

  • Updating an individual camper’s attendance has never been easier! Track or update a camper’s presence directly within their record.
  • When taking attendance by day, you can filter campers by tuition so your staff can easily find who they’re looking for.

Track Attendance with 3 Statuses

Unlike other attendance tools, Camp & Class Manager allows you to record Present, Absent and Unknown – making it easy for staff to tell which campers have already been accounted for.

“ACTIVE has changed our whole world. The time savings is unbelievable.”
Samantha Haines Administrative Coordinator,
Rubio Long Snapping, Chris Sailer Kicking
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8-10hrs saved per week on admin

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