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Camp & Class Manager Reporting

Camp reporting is about looking under the hood at what’s working and what’s not.

You have a feel for how your camp is doing, but your data doesn’t feel; it knows. These tools mine your data’s wealth of insights to show you how your camp is operating overall and in specific areas, and help you identify new revenue opportunities, respond to participant needs, and boost your camp’s enrollment, revenue and efficiency.

A 360-degree view shows you each customer’s full range of history and interactions.

It may not be a crystal ball, but this kind of visibility lets you see the past, present and even a predicted future from any report topic and every customer, as well as how everything relates. Beyond its operational application, having instant access to all participant details in one view enables you to offer exceptional service and support with every interaction.

Tracking financial performance is key to growing revenue.

Your camp’s finances ultimately reflect the sustainability of your program. Get the insight and control you need! See the big picture and the daily nitty-gritty. Quickly identify payment sources and types—including deferred or failed payments—when viewing category or session summary reports. Enjoy real time revenue visibility for each session or season.

Report flexibility lets you keep it simple or go deep with robust analytics.

For your daily operations, there’s no need to start from scratch. Find a library of standard reports built right into the system and drill down into the data that matters to you, or create a report with the measurements and filters you require. Save your reports to spend less time later, or download directly into pre-formatted Excel documents.

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