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Passing on administration – Lacrosse programme and Camp & Class Manager create magic for parents

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SixBySix specialises in providing performance lacrosse courses to school-aged athletes. From small beginnings in 2013, they run lacrosse courses in Surrey, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire.

With Coaching Director Katy Bennett, 2013 World Cup women’s lacrosse captain, and many other top-class coaches, their mission is to bring the principles of elite sport to develop young, ambitious athletes.

Creating the Next Ultimate Sporting Hero

With about 20 freelance coaches and staff members, SixBySix operates primarily out of 3-4 facilities, in addition to many other schools and locations. Sitting on the performance end of the spectrum with challenging, elite courses that align with the mission of their partnering organisations, SixBySix strives to develop resilience in young people, in contrast to simply filling kids’ time.

“100% of bookings online"

The Challenge of Logistics

As his programme grew, founder Tim Hudson, who wears most of the operational and programme hats, found that dealing with more participants began to take too much of his time away from the management tasks that only he could do. When parents booked late or cancelled a booking, his documents were outdated and he had to recreate lists, print new ones late at night, reorder last-minute supplies and chase invoices.

Sharing quality information was also becoming more of a challenge. With coaches, parents and athletes all needing the right information at the right time, Tim knew the trend would only grow. Rather than simply hiring assistance, he wanted to mechanise what he could in order to eliminate human error. He considered creating a custom solution until he discovered ACTIVEWorks® Camp & Class Manager.

Immediate Benefits

  • Transactional emails – “With Camp & Class Manager, I can automate good quality information, even when I’m really busy. This is a key part of getting the basics down very well.”
  • Automated bookings remove 3-4 steps from SixBySix’s previous process and multiple levels of communication to finalise. “Parents want to complete it in one 15-second step. Now they can. Simplicity is one less barrier for them.”
  • Reporting – “I can pull a new data set relatively effortlessly. As I put more data in, I’m expecting more interesting metrics to come.”

"Admin is not why I set out to do this. Now it gets done well without me having to think too much about it”

Time and Money Well Invested

Tim described the learning curve of his new software as ‘basic.’ “It didn’t take me long to get my head round it. I considered the time invested to be time I would regain moving forward.”

At the end of his first year with Camp & Class Manager, he is preparing to launch his next season and says "it hasn’t been difficult at all.” Tim considers that the time spent front loading administration saves a great deal of time later. “One day now means I don’t have to think about any of this for the rest of the year. Because the software is cloud-based, when new functionality and tools are added, we don’t have to pay more for those new things. If I don’t take the time to learn it – it becomes proportionately more expensive, the less we use of the system.”


For Tim, knowing what he wanted to spend his time doing included understanding that outsourcing his administration to ACTIVE comes at a cost. "But so does going it alone," he says.

Logistically speaking, in the two days before a course starts, even if he’s out of the office, he has no need for a printer and spends no time on the telephone answering questions. Before launching the season, he takes the time to sit down and plan out the sequence and then it just happens. Even if parents book at 11 p.m the night before, they still get the information they need in their inbox immediately.

While he now saves nearly an entire day a week in peak pre-season administration, “the real savings,” he believes, “is in reporting time. I’m able to see data I’ve never been able to see before, such as booking profiles (when people book or the effect of early bird specials). The data is organised sensibly – it can be manipulated to understand whatever cross correlations you’d want to do. And it’s always up to date, even if someone new has just booked.”

Creating Magic for Parents

Tim is motivated by a personal priority to ensure parents, who have many concerns about their children and their activities, that being a part of SixBySix is a good investment.

“Parents are trusting you to look after their kids. They have expectations of a piece of magic you can create.”

“When they first discover you, often digitally or on social media, you’re a faceless entity. They’re going on a hunch that your programme is a good use of their kids’ time. It’s important to reassure them that that confidence isn’t misplaced. Camp & Class Manager helps me reduce effort on their part and offsets their financial investment in my programmes with the peace of mind that everything is sorted out.”

Scalability for the Future

As his programme grows, Tim is glad to know that Camp & Class Manager will effortlessly scale to keep him freed up to deliver simplicity and focus on his participants, not administration.

Create magic for parents with the help of Camp & Class Manager

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